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Call on Climate Change Adaptation and Green Jobs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark is launching a Call for Proposals on climate change adaptation and green jobs for DKK 20 million. The Call is expected to lead to the selection of 2-4 projects of DKK 5-10 million each.
The focus of the call is for innovative initiatives focused on:
  • Climate change adaptation activities
  • Resilience building for the most vulnerable
  • Climate-assured income opportunities and job creation “green jobs” for the poorest in Africa
This call for proposals is financed from the DKK 150 million in extra climate assistance from the Finance Act 2020 to fund new innovative climate adaptation projects and green job creation in selected least developed countries in Africa and is part of the Ministry’s efforts to focus its attention on combatting climate change and increase financing towards climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.
The Deadline for the submission of proposals is:
02.11.2020 at 12:00 (noon) Danish Time.
Please find all relevant information in the documents listed below:


CFP - Climate Change Adaption and Green Jobs - Answers to questions

NGO Thematic Calls for Proposals - Answers to Questions on Technical Terms

Information Note

Project Proposal Template


Project Proposal Annex 2, Results Framework Template