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HRBA and the Human Rights Framework

The overall objective of this short e-learning course is to give learners a basic understanding of the human rights framework.

Target group

The course is aimed primarily at:

MFA staff with job responsibilities within policy dialogue, development cooperation and/or human rights at a bilateral mission or at an HQ department.

MFA staff with job responsibilities at a multilateral mission regarding international organisations, development cooperation and/or human rights.


This course will introduce you to:

  • the international human rights framework 
  • key elements of the human rights framework, including treaties, monitoring mechanisms and more
  • how to base policy dialogue on a human rights analysis
  • using the human rights framework in programming of development assistance
  • Denmark’s human rights profile


The course has the following modules:

  • Why should I learn about human rights?
  • What is the human rights framework?
  • How to use human rights in policy dialogue?
  • How to use the human rights framework in programming
  • A note on Denmark’s human rights record


There are links to other resources in this course. If a link is inactive because the content has been moved, you are recommended to use the search function on the internet/intranet to locate the resource.





Links to other resources

The MFA HRBA Portal (employees only)

Danida Aid Management Guidelines

Danida internet site

Strategy for Denmark’s Development Cooperation

Access and signup

The course does not require registration, but can be accessed directly from the link below.


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