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Introduction to Danida

The overall objective of this programme is to give learners an overall introduction to how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark works with development cooperation under the Danida brand.

Target group

The programme is primarily aimed at all new employees at the MFA as well as external partners, advisors and others working with the MFA. It is also recommended for potential job applicants and others with an interest in learning more about Danish development cooperation under the Danida brand.


  • The programme will introduce you to:
  • The history of Danida
  • The structure of Danida
  • The strategic priorities and priority countries of Danida
  • How the MFA works with development cooperation under the Danida brand


The programme is built as a website with three main themes:

  • Danida overview
  • Danida at work
  • The Danida brand.

The content is presented as texts and short videos with e.g. employees from all parts of the MFA.


There are many links to other resources throughout the programme. Some of the links points to resources on the MFA intranet and will only be accessible if you have access to the MFA intranet.


English. In a few places, the programme links to resources that are available in Danish only.

Access and signup

This course is currently under construction and therefore not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please contact if you have any questions.