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Introduction to Green Growth


The overall purpose of the course is to guide the user on the Danish Green Growth approach to Development Cooperation.


Target Groups

This course is designed for employees working with the implementation of programmes and instruments at missions abroad or in Copenhagen. The course is relevant for all MFA-staff working with Green Growth initiatives. It may also be relevant for external partners in development cooperation, trade and export promotion.



Upon completion of the course, participants will:

§   Be able to understand basic elements of Denmark’s Green Growth policy

§   Understand basic terminology 

§   Be able to explain the objective of Green Growth

§   Name specific countries that have a Green Growth strategy

§   Name a number of key international agencies that promote Green Growth and Green Economies

§   Locate relevant reports  


This e-bite will:

-       introduce you to the complexity related to Green Growth

-       exemplify how the priority area Green Growth can be implemented

-       help you with resources to explore the area more in-depth




Approx. 20 minutes.