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Procurement and aid effectiveness

The overall purpose of this course is to enhance awareness of the importance of public procurement to aid effectiveness and poverty reduction.

Target Group

This course was developed in close cooperation with the Nordic+ Procurement group. The primary target group is programme officers (both posted and locally employed), or staff working in programme officer functions, at the representations in developing countries of Nordic+ donor countries. This course was specifically designed for users who have little or no previous knowledge of public procurement, but some exposure to it in practice.



  1. In module 3 part I the link to the Nordic+ Joint Procurement Policy does not work. The document may be accessed by this link: Nordic+ Joint Procurement Policy
  2. There may be links to web-resources that have changed. It is suggested to use search functions on the Internet to locate the documents if they have been moved.
  3. Please disregard the evaluation section of the course, the reference to the course certificate, and the link to the UMKC E-learning Portal, which has been closed.


On completion of the course users will among other things:

  • Be familiar with the basic concept of public procurement and how this concept has become broader in recent years.
  • Understand the importance of timely and effective attention to procurement issues in enhancing the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of aid.
  • Be aware of the main steps of the procurement cycle.
  • Understand how the procurement cycle is linked to the programme cycle.
  • Be informed about the Nordic+ donors' policy of promoting the use of reliable country procurement systems.
  • Be familiar with the assessment tools available and to use these to establish the level of reliability of country procurement systems.
  • Understand how to contribute to promoting the use of reliable country procurement system through strategic procurement advice in decisions to be made and in capacity development initiatives.
  • Be aware of when to consult specialized procurement knowledge in this process and where to find such expertise.
  • Have specific ideas as to where to seek further information and stay updated. 



The course gives - in non-technical language – a brief introduction to procurement in the context of the international aid effectiveness agenda, including the Paris Declaration Targets on Procurement, related monitoring indicators and outcomes, the OEDC/DAC methodology for assessment of national procurement systems, and the Accra Agenda for Action.

The course comprises the following modules and elements:

  • Appetizer
  • Module 1: Procurement and the international aid effectiveness agenda
  • Module 2: What is procurement – and why is it important for you?
  • Module 3: Procurement options and assessment of national procurement systems
  • Module 4: Procurement and aid modalities
  • Future Directions
  • Tool box

The course contains exercises for the main modules, for individual study or group work.





3-4 hours 



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