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Services during the posting

The MFA offers one of several services to accompanying partners of permanent staff in the MFA.

1. First of all it is possible to receive career coaching and job seeking assistance from Makio. Makio is internationally embedded and has a network of outplacement partners in 75 countries. The service comprises both sparring with Makio prior to departure as well as sparring locally with an outplacement firm.

2. Partners can become part of here we are - a new network for global professionals on the move. On the digital platform and through group sessions before, during and at end of assignment, knowledge is shared on networking, cultural awareness and building competencies. With the help of a personal competency matrix partners are enabled to design their global development path during assignment and engage in communities locally and online. On the platform, opportunities to learn, work and volunteer are shared in the form of consultancies and project assignments. In collaboration with the network, Spousecare  offers 1-1 coaching and training on cultural intelligence. In addition, career counselling and support is offered at end of assignment.

3. As a pilot project in 2016, partners, who wished to improve their qualifications during the posting had the opportunity to apply to the MFA’s HR Department ( for a grant of about DKK  20,000-50,000. The contribution could be applied for on the condition that the partner would also contribute financially to the programme. The service would be of relevance to partners, who could not obtain a local work permit. Information regarding possible continuation of the grant for further education will be posted at a later time.

If you are the accompanying partner of a permanent staff member in the MFA and interested in one of the above services, please contact either Makio or Here We Are/Spousecare and HR for more details. You are welcome to indicate when and to which post you have accompanied an MFA staff member. For further information, you are always welcome to contact the MFA’s family counsellors at the following addresses:

Anne Rudbeck, e-mail:, phone: +45 3392 0716

Makio, Birgitte Røssell, e-mail:, phone: +45 5157 2010

Here We Are, Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen, e-mail:

Below you may download more information about the various services.

Invitation til internationalt outplacementforlb - Makio