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Citizens' enquiries

Purpose and legal basis

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs processes your personal data for the following purposes:

• To enable us to process your enquiry to the Ministry, including answering any questions
• To enable us to process enquiries efficiently and keep track of which enquiries have been processed, including for use in searching for previous practice.

The legal basis for the Ministry’s processing of your personal data is in regulation with:

1. General Data Protection Regulation:
• Article 6(1), litra c and e
• Article 9(2), litra f

2. Danish Data Protection Act:
• Section 8 (1) and (2.3)
• Section 11(1)

Categories of personal data

The personal data that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs processes about you are ordinary personal data, including your contact information and any other personal data that you have provided in connection with your enquiry. Typically, the data will be ordinary personal data, but depending on the enquiry, it may also be sensitive personal data.

Recipients or categories of recipients

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will disclose personal data about you to other public authorities if the enquiry is relevant for the tasks of these authorities.
If we receive a request for access to documents for a case in which your personal data is included, we will usually disclose the information unless the information is confidential.

Storing Personal data
Documents that include personal data are registered in accordance with the Access to Public Administration Files Act and are handed to the archiving authorities in accordance with The Archives Act (approximately every 5 years). If there is no longer a legal or an administrative need, your personal data will be erased.