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IT Strategy 2013-2016

Implementing the Globalization strategy through the use of information technology.

In order to ensure efficient management of it and digitalisation projects in the Ministry an IT-board was established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2012. All new it-projects have to be submitted for board approval, just as ongoing activities have to submit regular status reports.

The IT-board includes senior management, the head of the finance department and the head of the IT department (chairman of the board). The IT-board is responsible for:

  • Ensuring a better fit between business-processes and IT-support 
  • Ensuring an overview of and a more efficient management of digitalisation projects 
  • Ensuring that it and digitalisation processes led to improved service delivery, better quality and economic returns.

The utilization of information technology is to assist the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in implementing the official Globalization strategy. The new it-strategy thus rests on the Globalization analysis, “Diplomacy in a Boundless World”, and broad consultations with key stakeholders in the Ministry.

The following areas will be given special attention during the strategy period:

Governance, organisation, and management of IT

  • Digitalisation, mobility and IP telephony
  • Global WAN and security
  • ”Green” IT profile

Read the entire IT Strategy ”One World, One Service" (pdf)"