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Language training

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Application for language training

Staff members are offered training in the working languages that are relevant to their post. The number of lessons during pre-departure, as well as the form of teaching, will depend on the individual staff member’s level and needs, on how difficult the language is, on how relevant the language is to the performance of tasks, and on the time and budget available.

Language training is offered to partners (spouses/cohabitants) and children to prepare them linguistically and culturally for the posting. The service is to underpin the MFA’s family policy goals that aim at making conditions easier for accompanying family members during the posting.

Information on how to apply for language training for accompanying family members will be sent to MFA staff members in the MFA’s posting confirmation letter. 

Accompanying partners

During the pre-departure period, accompanying partners may receive 50 individual lessons in English, Danish, or the local language.

Alternatively, accompanying partners may receive the 50 language lessons granted at the post location. However, the lessons must be completed by the end of the posting year. 

Accompanying children

The objective of language training for accompanying children is to prepare for the child’s schooling. Therefore, language training offered to children is generally in English. If the school language is another language than English, the MFA will decide on the individual case. Only children aged 5-20 are offered language training prior to departure. If the child reaches the age of five prior to departure, the MFA may, however, in exceptional cases decide to grant language training.

Language training in English is offered in the form of 20 individual lessons. In Denmark, training is offered to younger children as home schooling and to older children at the Ministry.

Children aged 5-16 offered the possibility of  1-2 weeks’  summer school at Copenhagen International School, Hellerup, most likely in June/July. Please find more information about CIS: – NB! enrolment is subject to agreement with UMKC. 

Training offered to non-Danish speaking family members

Accompanying family members whose mother tongue is not Danish may opt for Danish lessons prior to departure, as an alternative to training in English or the relevant local language.

Transfer between two postings

If the language training cannot be completed in Denmark (for example in connection with transfer between two postings), the pre-departure training may take place on the post abroad. Before a language course commences, it must be approved by the MFA, which will pay course fees, as well as expenses for course materials. No other expenses can be covered (including per diems, travel, stays, etc.).

Language training after pre-departure

The MFA does not cover expenses in connection with language training on the post (apart from training under the pre-departure financial frame). If a need arises for language training after a staff member has taken up his/her duties, the Head of Mission may decide to spend funds earmarked for competence development, to be paid by the Mission itself.

In addition, HR/Udeteam administers a special allocation for Danish language training targeted at children during the posting. For information on this, please contact HR/Udeteam.

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