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Pre-departure counselling

 Prior to your posting abroad, the family counsellors will offer you and your closest family pre-departure counselling. We will talk about the challenges and changes facing you and your family in relation to your new life on the location.   

Please contact us to make an appointment:

Anne Rudbeck, e-mail: [email protected], phone: +45 3392 0716

Nine pieces of good advice regarding family life and a posting abroad:

1. Include the MFA’s family counsellors as natural sparring partners regarding family conditions and well-being.

2. Clarify both children’s and adults’ individual expectations of the posting.

3. Clarify how each of you will react under stress.

4. Who has which resources in the family?

5. Who has which vulnerabilities?

6. What does your closest network look like? How can you use it? What if the network needs your assistance?

7. Change is a matter of adaptation, and when we know what we have to relate to, this adaptation begins: Establish a safe and secure framework and rituals that you     know from home. Do not make too many demands to begin with and try not to be too busy outside your home.

8. You know your child best – give your child time to adjust, make it feel confident that everything will be all right. At the same time, you need to listen to your     concern and seek counselling if you need it.

9. Be a role model to your children – it is OK to show your children your own insecurity about the new job and family situation, and at the same time show that you     are going to cope successfully.