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Services during the posting

The MFA offers several services to accompanying partners of permanent staff in the MFA.

1. First of all it is possible to receive career coaching and job seeking assistance from Makio.

Makio is internationally embedded and has a network of outplacement partners in 75 countries. The service comprises both sparring with Makio prior to departure as well as sparring locally with an outplacement firm.

For further information, please contact Anne Rudbeck

- e-mail: [email protected], phone: +45 3392 0716

Below you may download more information about the various services.

Invitation til internationalt outplacementforlb - Makio

2. Partners can join Meet2Talk.

Meet2Talk is relevant for all employees and spouses/partners who are living in a foreign country, if you are about to move abroad or if you want to help others by sharing your own valuable local knowledge. Meet2Talk is a purpose-built, safe and ad-free environment for internationals sharing the same challenges. We advise that you use this platform to share your knowledge and receive helpful advice from others.

You can find more info here.

3. Grant for accompanying partners 2020

The Finance Act of 2020 has granted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the possibility to allocate DKK 500,000 to extension training of accompanying partners. The grant allocation in 2020 will be conducted as a pilot project, where HR will gather experiences and adjust the process for the grant allocation in 2021. The grants will range between the sums of DKK 10,000-50,000 and are taxable for the recipient.

The purpose of this grant is to increase the chances of the accompanying partners finding a job during a posting abroad or when returning home from the posting.

Accompanying partners to permanent or temporary employees can all apply for the grant. Partners to Specialist Attachés cannot apply for a grant.


To apply for a grant, the partner must write a motivational letter of one page that contains:

- A short description of the course and its purpose

- The anticipated benefits and results from participating in the course

- An explanation of the expected impact the course will have on future job opportunities

- A link to the course description from the course provider


Partners applying for a grant need to be aware of the following requirements:

- The grant cannot be used for additional language classes

- The grant recipients are required to send documentation on paid course fee

- It is only possible to receive one grant per posting

- The grant can only be used to cover the course fee

- The grant must be spent within the same year as the funds are received


Additionally, it is the grant recipient's own responsibility to familiarize themselves with the tax treatment of the grant, cf. the rules on SKAT's website:

The allocation of the grant takes place in two rounds in 2020:

    • DKK 400,000 will be allocated in the first round. Deadline for applications is 2 March, 2020
    • DKK 100,000 will be allocated in the second round. Deadline for applications is 1 September, 2020

Please send applications to [email protected] titles "Grant for accompanying partners 2020". Expect a processing time of 14 workdays after the deadline.