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Meet2Talk is relevant for all employees and spouses/partners who are living in a foreign country, if you are about to move abroad or if you want to help others by sharing your own valuable local knowledge. Meet2Talk is a purpose-built, safe and ad-free environment for internationals sharing the same challenges. We advise that you use this platform to share your knowledge and receive helpful advice from others.

Connect, ask, network, and share

When you sign up, you plug into a world-wide community of families of staff members that work for the MFA and international employees and spouses from other companies and organisations subscribing to Meet2Talk.

Connect: Find and connect to other international employees and spouses/partners at the location you are interested in. You can search among families of staff members that work for the MFA – or from other international companies.

Ask: Get good advice and reliable information on housing, schools, leisure activities, job opportunities for spouses, health and safety issues and the million other questions which are important for you and your family when moving or living abroad.

Network: Establish a social network and find new friends among other spouses/partners and employees at your location. Find others like you – search between families with children, without children, employees travelling alone, same nationality, similar interests and more.

Share: Share your own valuable experience and local knowledge. Help colleagues and spouse/partners from your organisation or other international families in the Meet2Talk community. Your company or organisation may also upload useful information and news relevant for international employees, spouses, partners and families.

Meet2Talk is easily accessible from computer, tablet and mobile phone no matter where in the world you are.

Please note that you need to use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Safari to use the platform to ensure the best functionality on your computer. Additionally, we recommend downloading the app.

How to sign up:

Guide on how to use Meet2Talk:

Information videos:

Explainer video (animated):!/explainer 

Presentation/demo Video:!/presentation 


FAQ – Frequently asked questions!/section_FAQ


Write to Meet2Talk for any questions that you might have

or write to [email protected] if you have any questions about the information, which is put up on Meet2Talk, about the MFA.

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