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Inquiries regarding number plates and registration/deregistration of cars must be made to SKAT (Danish Customs and Tax Administration). Please find more on SKAT’s website. Forms to be completed are available there.

If a motor vehicle is to be deregistered, SKAT should be contacted with a view to repayment of a proportional share of the vehicle excise duty. Please see the point below regarding number plates.

You yourselves must pay the cost of having a private car moved to your post abroad. An unused quota for furniture/ household effects cannot be converted into the transport of a car.

In connection with transfer to/from or between posts outside of Europe, including recall to Denmark, the MFA may, upon prior application to the contact person in HR/Udeteam, refund up to 75 per cent of the transport costs for a car, cf. application procedure.

Import permission

You should make inquiries to the Mission in good time prior to your departure about whether a permission is required to import a car, including especially whether special requirements are made in connection with the registration of imported cars such as special environmental requirements, a ban on certain types of fuel, types of car, etc.

If you are not granted diplomatic status, you must have the permission of the Head of Mission to import duty-free goods, including a car.

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Driving licence and car insurance

In order to have an international driving licence issued, it is necessary to make inquiries to the citizen service centre in your home municipality and present a valid Danish driving licence and a photo. The driving licence is valid for one year from the date of issue and is normally necessary in countries outside of Europe and the CIS countries.

The MFA does not cover the cost of obtaining an international driving licence

Please ask your car insurance company for a no-claims certificate with a view to obtaining a no-claims status in the host country.

Please check with the Mission which car insurances are required and where you should take them out.

Members of FDM (Forenede Danske Motorejere (the Danish Automobile Owner Association)) are called on to check whether it is possible to obtain automatic membership of a similar association in the host country.

Number plates

If you during your posting abroad wish to retain Danish number plates on a car or another motor vehicle, you must forward an application to SKAT. The form (21.071) is available here.

To deregister a vehicle which the owner no longer wishes to use, it is necessary to hand in the number plates to the number plate desk of the nearest tax centre. The number plates may also be sent to the nearest tax centre. The deregistration of a vehicle is free of charge.

Border number plates
With effect from 1 November 2013, state employees posted abroad may only obtain border number plates upon departure from Denmark (first posting abroad), and no longer when moving between two posts or when residing at the same address abroad. 

When registering a car on border number plates, it is necessary to produce a letter from the contact person in HR/Udeteam confirming that the posting abroad will last for a minimum of six months. In certain cases, the posting confirmation letter will be sufficient. Further guidance may be obtained from SKAT.

Driving in Denmark on foreign diplomatic car number plates
Persons who under section 24 (5) and (6) of the Civil Registration System Act are not registered in the Danish National Register as having  left Denmark must apply for permission to drive a car in Denmark which is registered on diplomatic number plates abroad. Subject to application, permission may be granted to drive in Denmark in connection with weekend and holiday stays as well as on other days off. If it is possible to indicate in advance how many weekends, holidays and days off are expected to be spent in Denmark, it is possible in principle to apply for permission to drive in Denmark for a multi-year period of time.

Application form (21.059) to be forwarded to SKAT is available here. A copy of the posting confirmation letter must be enclosed. This may be obtained from the contact person in HR/Udeteam. Furthermore, a copy of the foreign registration certificate must be enclosed.


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