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Danish National Register

After returning to Denmark from a posting abroad, you must deregister from a potential supplementary (private) address abroad. Staff and accompanying family members who have been registered on “høj vejkode” must be registered on a (potentially new) Danish National Register address.

Please remember to register children who may have reached the age of 18 during the posting.

Children born abroad during a posting may be registered with the National Register in the parents’ most recent municipality of residence and be assigned a civil reg. no. under section 24 of the Civil Registration System Act. A copy of the child’s birth certificate must be sent to the National Register with a request to have a name certificate issued.

If the staff member or his/her accompanying family do not take up permanent residence in Denmark after the end of the posting term, they are no longer comprised by the exemptions of section 24 of the Civil Registration System Act for state employees. Therefore, they must contact the Danish National Register in their latest municipality of residence in order to report that they are leaving Denmark to take up residence abroad.