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Pet animals

Please look into transport possibilities, vaccination requirements, etc. regarding any pet animals in good time before departure.

On the website you will find a list of forwarding agents who handle live animals from your specific post.

Information on terms and conditions regarding the importation of pet animals into Denmark can be obtained from Fødevarestyrelsen (Danish Veterinary and Food Administration), phone: +45 72 27 69 00.

Expenses will only be refunded for the transport of one pet animal. Furthermore, expenses may be refunded for any legally required vaccination, veterinary controls, quarantine, and legally required documents in connection with the transport of a pet animal.

Expenses for the purchase/production of a transport box for the pet animal must be paid by the staff member. Similarly, expenses for general care of the pet animal and remedies such as flea sprays, worm cures, sedatives, etc. cannot be reimbursed.