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Reporting possible misconduct

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is determined to maintain the highest standards of integrity and work ethics among our staff and across all our areas of activity. We maintain a policy of zero tolerance towards corruption in all its forms. 

When to report?
We encourage you to report immediately, if you have any knowledge of or reason to suspect serious misconduct such as criminal acts, gross or repeated infringements of legislation or of important internal rules (e.g. anti-corruption policy, rules on insider knowledge, accounting and financial reporting) or citizens and other parties being intentionally misled.
Infringement of other internal guidelines (e.g. relating to sick-leave, smoking, use of office supplies, etc.) as well as interpersonal conflicts should be handled at unit-level or by involving HR, the Ministry’s family counsellors and/or the independent Mediator for Staff Employed by Missions.

Who to contact?
If you have reason to suspect possible misconduct, you can contact the following:

- Controller ([email protected], tel. +45 3392 0000)
Danida corruption hotline

You can report a concern in person, by telephone, e-mail or – only the Danida hotline - online. See contact information above or on the Ministry’s homepage (

Can I remain anonymous?
We encourage you to disclose your name and contact information as the Ministry might need to ask you clarifying questions in order to proceed with the case.
However, if you want to remain anonymous, you should take care not to disclose your name or any other identifiable information, such as your e-mail address or phone number. You can do that for example by contacting the Ministry from an anonymised phone number, a non-identifiable e-mail address, via letter with no sender or by using the Danida corruption hotline
If you disclose your identity, the Ministry will make a note of it in the case file. In other words, if your identity is already known, it is not then possible to file a report anonymously. This also means that the Ministry cannot guarantee that your identity will not subsequently be made known to the person or company involved.