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Contract notice: 2020/S 188-453427: Restricted procedure: Vehicles for the Uganda Country Programme

29.09.2020  12:45
Deadline for applications: 26 October 2020, at 14:00, local time  


Immediately after the conclusion of the parallel framework agreements, the contracting authority will request that the suppliers submit bids comprising eleven (11) vehicles for NURI of the Double-Cabin Pickup type. In addition, the contracting authority expects to procure forty (40) vehicles for DGF during the contract period of the Double-Cabin Pickup, Minibus and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) type. The number of vehicles and distribution of types (and the total value of the framework agreements) are only estimated and not guaranteed by the contracting authority. Thus, the contracting authority does not guarantee that the number of vehicles, types or the estimated total value is correct or that the actual expenditure will correspond to the estimated total value. The vehicles will be used in all types of terrain in Uganda, including in remote areas on rough and muddy gravel roads. The vehicles should be suitable for continuous and strenuous operations in general ‘on and off’ road in tropical conditions, in all areas of Uganda. The vehicles should be of sturdy construction and good quality. The vehicles must be the manufacturer’s production models that are offered for sale to the public, and able to be legally driven on public roads (street legal). Upon delivery, the vehicles must be new and unused.
Throughout the warranty period, the supplier must provide access to authorised and named service stations in all major regions of Uganda (i.e. North, South, East and West) for maintenance and repair services, and the supplier must be able to provide genuine or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spare parts at the authorised and named service stations.

Deadline for application: 26 October 2020, at 14:00, local time

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