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Contract Notice: 2021/S 161-424141: Restricted Procedure: Evaluation of support to gender equality in Danish development cooperation

25.08.2021  09:27
Deadline for application: 17. September 2021, at 14:00, Danish time 

Short description:

The overall purpose of the evaluation of Gender Equality, Girls’ and Women’s rights in Danish Development Cooperation (2014-2021) is to learn from implementation of previous programs and projects in terms of addressing gender issues with a view to strengthening Denmark’s integration of gender equality, girls’ and women’s rights in Danish development cooperation.
The evaluation has a forward-looking perspective providing strategic and operational guidance strengthening Denmark’s engagement in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. And to inform the implementation of Denmark’s new development strategy, The World we Share (2021), focusing on democratic values and human rights, combatting climate change, preventing and fighting poverty and inequality, conflict and irregular migration and fragility, areas within which gender equality, girls’ and women’s rights are at the centre.

Deadline for application: 17. August 2021, at 14:00, Danish time

Contract notice:

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