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Contract notice: 2020/S 028-064700: Restricted procedure: Event Management and Catering Services

17.02.2020  14:07
Deadline for applications: 10 March 2020, at 14.00, local time  

Description of the procurement:
EUACI requires the full cycle of event management services, particularly in Kyiv but also around Ukraine. In 2018, EUACI held around 125-150 events, where around 75 % took place in Kyiv and around 25 % took place in the remaining parts of Ukraine. EUACI estimates a similar number and distribution of events every year in the contract period. In addition, EUACI will require interpretation services in other European countries.

In order to ensure that services are provided on market terms, EUACI will enter into 2 parallel framework agreements, 1 with the primary supplier and 1 with the secondary supplier (the 2 tenderers who submitted the most and second most economically advantageous tender during the procurement procedure) and reopen competition where possible:

— services to be provided more than 10 calendar days after EUACI’s request will be awarded by reopening the competition between the primary supplier and the secondary supplier,

— services to be provided in 10 calendar days or less after EUACI’s request will be awarded by direct award to the primary supplier (because it does not leave time to reopen the competition and receive multiple bids).

The procedure for award of contracts based on the parallel framework agreements is described in further detail in Article VII of the agreement.

In the last 3 years, EUACI’s annual expenses has been between 40 000 EUR and 225 000 EUR net of VAT, depending on the number and size of events. In the contract period, the estimated total value of the framework agreement is between 500 000 EUR and 1 000 000 EUR net of VAT. However, EUACI does not guarantee that the estimated total value is correct or that the actual expenditure will correspond to the estimated total value.

A phase 2 of the programme, with a duration of 5 years, is under preparation and is expected to commence 24.5.2020, the day after phase 1 ends. For provision of services in phase 2, it is under the condition that the EUACI phase 2 programme is agreed between the parties involved: relevant Ukraine authorities, EU and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danida).

Deadline for applications: 10 of March 2020, at 14:00, local time.

Contract notice:

Tender material, communication and electronic tendering system: