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Contract notice: 2019/S 184-448492: Restricted procedure: Ethiopia Country Programme Monitoring and Communication Consultancy

25.09.2019  11:30
Deadline for applications: 22 October 2019, at 14:00, local time 

Description of procurement:
The objective of the assignment is to support the Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa in:

(a) establishing and facilitating a functioning monitoring and risk management system for the Country Programme and other projects to improve programme effectiveness, facilitate learning and ensure informed decision-making by the Embassy and its partners, and maximise transparency and accountability regarding the development of the programme;

(b) communicating to the Ethiopian and Danish public relevant achievements and results obtained by the Country Programme and other projects in the Embassy’s country portfolio.

The Country Programme presently comprises 6 engagements, increasing to 10 during 2020. Not all of the implementing partners have the capacity to monitor and report on their progress and results as expected, and the Embassy wishes to acquire assistance to support them adequately, to quality-assure the monitoring and reporting, and to communicate the achievements regularly to the public.

The services by the consultant shall amount to approximately 800 working days (Phase 1 and 2 combined) supplied by 2 core team members — one team leader cum monitoring expert (approx. 400 days) and one communication expert (approx. 200 days) — and a number of short-term experts (approx. 200 days combined) with profiles yet to be determined. The bulk of the working days shall be spent in Ethiopia. HQ management and backstopping shall be additional to this and be financed from contract overheads.

The 2 areas of monitoring and communication shall be treated as partly independent from each other and will have separate tasks and deliverables.

On the monitoring side of the assignment, major tasks will i.a. be capacity assessments of the Embassy’s partners regarding monitoring and reporting, capacity-development activities to assist partners considered weak, establishment of monitoring baselines, quality assurance of partners’ monitoring data, production of annual status reports on the Country Programme.

Regarding communication, main tasks will be to identify and formulate stories on Country Programme achievements adapted to a variety of written and visual media in both Denmark and Ethiopia.

Both the monitoring and the communication work will include field trips to individual projects within and outside the Country Programme.

Deadline for applications: 22 October 2019, at 14:00, local time

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