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Contract notice: 2020/S 158-385247: Open procedure: Tender for Tarpaulins for NURI 

28.08.2020  10:55
Deadline for applications: 14 September 2020, at 14:00, local time  

NURI supports small-scale farmers in Northern Uganda strengthening their resilience to climate change. This is done through the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) component of NURI. Improved post-harvest handling (PHH) of farmers’ crops is a very important element of CSA, and the tarpaulins will mainly be used for PHH.

Traditionally, farmers dry, thresh, sort and clean most crops directly on the ground. To a varying degree, and depending on the crop, this affects negatively on yield and quality, and crops that are handled on the bare ground experience much lower market price than crops that are handled on a clean surface. This is particular the case for sensitive crops like Sesame seeds.

With tarpaulins the farmers get a reasonably clean surface. With this the post-harvest handling process will become more efficient, and the farmers are able to improve quality of their crops.

While the main use of the tarpaulins is post-harvest handling, the farmers will also use them for other functions. They are very much to be seen as a multifunction tool that can be used in many farm and household operations.

The tarpaulins should be suitable for long-term outdoor use in an environment that is characterised by high UV exposure and high temperatures, and they should in general be suitable for continued and strenuous handling

Deadline for application: 14 September 2020, at 14:00, local time

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