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Changes in the SRFP as a follow-up to the questionnaire - with effect from March 1, 2013

15.03.2013  10:26

In December 2012, you were invited to share your views as part of an assessment of the new procedures for selecting and contracting Consultants. As a result of the assessment and the responses received, it has been decided to:

  1. Increase the amount for advance payment for contracts entered into on March 1, 2013 or thereafter. In such instances, Consultants may request 60% of the total contract amount (maximum DKK 500.000) as advance payment.

  2. Remind all embassies and units in the Ministry to send, upon the request of a Tenderer, the overall evaluation sheet and the individual sheet with the results pertaining to the proposal submitted by Tenderer in question.

Danida Business Contracts wishes to thank you for your participation in the assessment of the new procedures.

Best regards,

Danida Business Contracts