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Restricted Procedure: Review of the Sahel Peace and Stabilisation Programme 2018-2021 

Deadline for applications: 16 November 2020, at 14:00, Danish time


BACKGROUND: The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Defence (MoD), is conducting a Midterm review (MTR) of the Danish Regional Sahel Peace and Stabilisation Programme 2018-2021 (PSP II). The PSP II addresses drivers of fragility and conflict in the Sahel region and is focused around Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. Specifically, the PSP II contributes to stability, justice and security through two thematic programmes; the first focusing on strengthening justice and rule of law, and the second focusing on improving stability and security. The programme has a total budget of DKK 166 million and is implemented through six engagements via a number of implementing partners.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the MTR is to identify possible adjustments for the last part of the programme as well as identify key considerations for a possible next phase. To do so, the MTR will deliver on two objectives: i) it will assess programmatic results in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and management mechanisms in place (incl. e.g. progress on implementation, challenges, partner capacities to deliver, results delivery to date, outcome measurement, suitability of the management and monitoring mechanisms, etc), and ii) it will assess the continued relevance and alignment of the programme and its components in light of contextual changes and developments since its inception (incl. e.g. political developments at MFA/MoD level as well as contextual developments in the Sahel).

: The MTR will be based on a comprehensive desk assessment of all relevant background material and include initial desk-based interviews with MFA, MoD and other key stakeholders. Based on this, a comprehensive inception report will be prepared that describes preliminary findings and the onwards methodological approach. To supplement desk-based findings, the MTR will undertake a two-week field mission to the Sahel region (barring COVID19 constraints) and conduct in-depth interviews with the Embassies, implementing partners and other key stakeholders. Following the mission, the MTR will present initial findings followed by a draft MTR report. The final report will be developed based on subsequent inputs on the draft from MFA/MoD.

TIMEFRAME: The Review is expected to start in December 2020 with initial kickoff. Desk review will take place in December and January. The field mission is planned for January/February followed by reporting in February. The MTR should conclude no later than early March 2021. Exact dates will be revisited during the inception phase.

CONSULTANTS: Three consultants / specialists are required for the assignment. The team should include (i) a specialist in governance and rule of law, (ii) a specialist in security, defence and stabilisation, and (iii) a specialist in financial management and results monitoring. The review team will be led by a chief advisor from the MFA. One of the consultants should act as team coordinator for the consultancy team to the MFA. French at professional level is a requirement for all three specialist roles. The consultants should expect to be present for at least brief visits in Copenhagen during inception and debriefing.

BUDGET: The timeframe is estimated at 60-80 working days (total) between all three consultants (the exact timeframe will be clarified prior to submission of a full proposal). The budget maximum is DKK 900,000.

Deadline for applications: 16 November 2020, at 14:00, Danish time

Interested Consultants can request the documents for participation by email to the contact person stated below.

Contact point:      
Name of Programme Officer: Andreas Ring
E-mail address, Programme Officer: [email protected]
Telephone of Programme Officer: +45 4153 2627

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender