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Open procedure: Mid-term review of the Accelerating Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia Programme

Deadline for applications: 6 December 2019, at 9:00, Danish time

Ethiopia has historically focused largely on hydropower for electricity generation but now wishes to diversify generation from other renewable sources to develop a climate-resilient green economy with access to electricity for all by 2025 with an estimated five-fold increase in generating capacity by 2030. This is a vital part of the country’s plan to become a lower middle-income country by 2025. Consequently, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) plans to expand solar, geothermal and wind capacity, predominantly through the private sector by Independent Power Producers (IPPs). This will require wide-ranging energy sector reforms.

The Accelerating Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia Programme (AWPGE) has been designed with the objective of strengthening the institutional capacity of GoE agencies in the energy sector to accelerate wind power generation, including through a comprehensive wind measurement campaign and realisation of the first Ethiopian IPP-wind auction.

The objective of the review is to assess the AWPGE in a way that enables possible correction in the current phase and can serve as an input to the formulation of a possible next phase of the programme. In particular, with regards to continuing working on carrying out IPP-wind auction, but also synergies to the strategic sector cooperation and the ambition to direct the Danish Ethiopian cooperation towards a larger focus on energy planning and modelling. In addition, input on possible recommendations towards the work of SDG7 and climate finance is requested.

The budget for the review is maximum 350,000 DKK and the timing will be January to February 2020.

Deadline for applications: 6 December 2019, at 9:00, Danish time

Contact the Programme Officer at the contact point below to receive the Request for Proposal. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected.  Proposals received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Contact point:      
Name of Programme Officer: Jens Skov-Spilling
E-mail address, Programme Officer:
Telephone of Programme Officer: +251 94 435 5492

Criteria for award of Contract:
As stated in the Request for Proposal