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Open procedure: Development of an Information and Communication System for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine for exchange with the Pension Fund Register

Deadline for applications: 30 October 2019, at 12:00, Danish time

The assignment concerns the development of an Information and Communication System (ICS) for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), the Beneficiary, that will facilitate information exchange with the Pension Fund of Ukraine and other government bodies.

Ukrainian law allows the NABU direct access to automated information and reference systems, registries and data repositories held (administered) by central or local governments; however, the various government bodies that administer and/or hold state information sources use different approaches and methods of information access.

The NABU needs to stay in tune with miscellaneous data formats and access requirements to external resources. This makes collection, processing and aggregation of data from different sources too time-consuming for the NABU's users, as they have to forward inquiries related to the same objects to several external sources.

The NABU needs an efficient Information and Communication System (ICS) for collecting, processing, storing and disseminating large quantities of data, and the NABU benefits from both open and restricted information sources. The latter has to be processed in a way that prevents data leakage and unauthorized access to personal information. This actualizes and signifies the importance of ensuring information security by technical and organizational means.

Tentatively, the ICS development process is expected to proceed through the following stages and project deliverables:

1. Consultation and inception. At this first stage, the Beneficiary is expected to liaise with the Contractor, clarify questions, develop and sign a Statement of Work.

2. ICS design and development. Based on the previous stage, both the internal and external environments of the ICS will be built in accordance with the signed Statement of Work. The Contractor is expected to present the designed ICS to the Beneficiary and incorporate the feedback during this stage.

3. Finalization and launching of the ICS. At this stage, the ICS will be connected to the Register of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU) and the information exchange with the PFU will be set up. The Contractor shall conduct training on the ICS practical usage for the Beneficiary’s end-users and for operations and maintenance staff.

4. Beta testing and technical support. The ICS is going to be tested by the Beneficiary. The technical assistance and bug fixes shall be provided by the Contractor during this beta-testing period for not less than 3 months after completion of the ICS development. The specific functionalities and technical requirements to be met are further described in the Terms of Reference.

The intended commencement date of the ICS development is 11 November 2019 in Kyiv. The estimated time for the development is about 5 months starting from signing the contract and the ICS shall be made operational by 31 March 2020.

Deadline for applications:
30 October 2019, at 12:00, Danish time

Contact the Programme Officer at the contact point below to receive the Request for Proposal. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected.  Proposals received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Contact point:      
Name of Programme Officer: Torben Ulsted, Senior Programme Manager
E-mail address:
Telephone: +380 98 181 79 39

Criteria for award of Contract:
As stated in the Request for Proposal