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Restricted Procedure: Sociological Survey on the situation with Corruption in Ukraine (2021 Corruption Survey) for the National Agency for Corruption Prevention

Deadline for application: 7 October 2021, at 12:00, Danish time 

European Union Anti-corruption Initiative in Ukraine (EUACI) seeks to undertake a Corruption Survey 2021 in Ukraine for National Agency for Corruption Prevention. 

The National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP) is the lead normative agency for anti-corruption in Ukraine. In the chain of anti-corruption efforts, the NACP provides the policy framework as well as the preventive measures in the fight against corruption.  

EUACI is one of the main international technical assistance programs that is committed to providing technical assistance to achieve full operationalization of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption" the National Agency is responsible for organizing survey to study the situation with corruption, the results of which will be used to assess the effectiveness of state anti-corruption policy, in particular in the context of implementing the Anti-Corruption Strategy 2020-2024 (2021-2025), currently under consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 

This call for request to participate is aimed at identifying interested entities (consultants) for conduction of the Corruption Survey 2021 in Ukraine during the period from November  to December 2021.

The assignment includes conducting a survey based on  NACP endorsed methodology on perception and experience of corruption in Ukraine. During the assignment, the Consultant’s team shall work in close co-operation with the EUACI and NACP. The Consultant’s team shall make use of the previously conducted 2017 and 2020 Corruption Surveys. 

The outputs and deliverables include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Sociological survey on the situation with corruption in Ukraine in 2021 (both perception and experience of corruption of the population and Ukranian business); 
Primary data gathered during the 2021 Corruption Survey (raw data in .csv format as well as spreadsheet files with distributions of all variables);
Documents related to the 2021 Corruption Survey;
Hard copies of filled-in Corruption Survey Questionnaires submitted to the EUACI; 
Interview records (both records and verbatim) submitted to the EUACI in electronic copy; 
Final Corruption Survey Report with conclusions/results and recommendations, including infographics submitted to the EUACI both in hard and electronic copies and in English and Ukrainian language. The report shall also cover the comparison of the data with previous 2017 & 2019 Corruption Survey results, when applicable.
Participation of the team leader of the survey and/or sociological experts who conduct the 2021 Corruption Survey in the presentation of the results to the EUACI, NACP leadership and the public;
PowerPoint presentation with key results and recommendations in Ukrainian and English.
Language of the outputs and deliverables: Ukrainian (English and Ukrainian only for Final report).

The total budget available for the assignment, all included, is DKK 446 131 (corresponding to approximately EUR 60 000). 

Deadline for applications: 7 October 2021, 12:00, Danish time

Interested Consultants can request the documents for participation by email to the contact person stated below.

Contact point: 
Name of Programme Officer: Viktoria Popyk
E-mail address, Programme Officer: [email protected]
Telephone of Programme Officer: +38 0972960662

Criteria for selection:
Three applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender.