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Evaluation of Danish assistance to promote gender equality, rights and diversity

Deadline for applications: 13 November 2015 at 2:00 pm Danish time

Gender equality is a core priority of Danish development assistance. Progress on gender equality is a goal in its own right, but also a critical factor in achieving poverty reduction and sustainable development. The strategic framework for gender equality, rights and diversity in Danish development cooperation from 2014 establishes the strategic choices that guides Danida's work in this field and provides guidance on how to work to improve gender equality. The framework focuses on the four priority areas for Danish development cooperation: Human Rights and Democracy, Inclusive Green Growth, Social Progress and Stability and Protection. The framework guides the work and provides suggestions for possible intervention types as well as best practice examples of mainstreaming of gender equality and diversity.

The Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seeks to complement this strategic guidance by commissioning an evaluation to assess interventions to promote gender equality, rights and diversity. The evaluation has a dual focus: to demonstrate the effect of gender interventions and to facilitate learning on how to most effectively generate development results.

The evaluation intends to document results across bilateral programmes implemented and supplemented by support provided to multilateral partners and civil society partners. The evaluation focuses on generating lessons learned which will inform and support the future implementation of the strategic framework for gender equality, rights and diversity. It does so by providing examples of gender interventions that has generated development results and where lessons of a general nature can be shared. The evaluation findings will be presented in an evaluation report, and complemented by presentations to external stakeholders in connection with the May 2016 Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen.

The evaluation team is expected to use analytical frameworks aimed at assessing gender interventions, the type and quality of change generated, for example the Gender Results Effectiveness Scale (GRES) and the Gender@Work analytical framework, categorizing the change generated by the interventions.
It is expected that the evaluation team will visit 2-3 countries to assess the gender results generated in programmes and with partners. The choice of countries is to be determined during the evaluation preparation phase. The evaluation team will furthermore conduct a desk review of a larger sample of gender interventions.
The evaluation team will elaborate an evaluation report as well as a range of communication products to be disseminated to a wide group of stakeholders in connection with the 2016 Women Deliver conference.
The evaluation team will consist of two consultants with substantial experience in gender programming and evaluation of gender interventions in development assistance. Strong communication skills are required.
The maximum budget for the assignment is DKK 900.000.

In situation where conflict of interest occurs, candidates may be excluded from participation, if their participation may question the independence and impartiality of the Evaluation. 


Deadline for applications: 13 November 2015 at 2:00 pm Danish time

The standard application form should be used. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected. Applications received after the time limit shall be rejected.

The application form can be downloaded here.


Contact point: Evaluation Department (EVAL)
Name of programme Officer: Marianne Vestergaard
E-mail address Programme Officer:

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender.