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CANCELLED: Restricted procedure: Midterm review of the Ethiopia Country Programme: 2018-2022

Deadline for application: 18 August 2021 at 14:00, Danish time


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFAD) undertakes a Midterm Review (MTR) of the Denmark-Ethiopia Country Programme (ECP): 2018 – 2022.

Supporting and assisting the MFAD-led team, consultancy services in the form of one (1) overall contract involving three (3) international experts plus a pool of local consultants will be procured. This announcement relates to services required.

The objective of the ECP is to contribute to inclusive sustainable growth and improved governance in Ethiopia by supporting the vision of building a Climate Resilient Green Economy and reaching lower middle-income status by 2025. The overall budget of the ECP is DKK 1,097 million (M).

The ECP consists of the following four (4) thematic programmes (TPs):

TPI: Agriculture. Agricultural Commercialization Clusters (ACC). DKK 350M.

TPII: Resilience. Coherence between humanitarian responses and development cooperation. DKK 552M.

TPIII: Climate Change. Climate Resilient Forest Livelihoods (CRFL).  DKK 45M.

TPIV: Governance and Human Rights. DKK 150M.

The objective of the midterm review is to assess the programme performance with regard to outcome and results, progress, challenges and change in context, changes in risk factors, possible need for adjustments, and programme management. The findings and recommendations of the review will inform decisions regarding adjustments, remaining commitments and changes for the further implementation of the programme and the future engagement with Ethiopia. 

The midterm review will be undertaken by MFAD’s Department for Evaluation, Learning and Quality (ELK) in line with Danida’s Aid Management Guidelines.

The MTR will be conducted based on a desk review of documents and followed by a field mission to Ethiopia including local field visit(s) in country (Covid-19 and the security situation allowing). 

The following outputs are expected from the MTR team. (1) A Mission Preparation Note (MPN) outlining the main issues of concern within the framework of the MTR. (2) A de-briefing note highlighting key findings and recommendations. (3) A draft MTR report following the mission and (4) a final MTR report taking into consideration possible comments to the draft report.

The MTR (contract) starts 20 September 2021 and concludes 30 November 2021. Preparatory work to be undertaken up until the field mission. The field mission to Ethiopia is scheduled for 25 October to 5 November. 

To assist in undertaking the assignment MFAD, is procuring (under one (1) consultancy contract) a team of three (3) international experts/consultants supplemented by a pool of local consultants. The qualification profiles of the three (3) international experts/consultants are as follows:

International Agricultural Expert on agricultural commercialization, value-chains, job creation and sustainable livelihoods with a specific responsibility for Agricultural Commercialization Clusters/ATA (TPI). 30 days/240 hours.

International Resilience Building and Hum-Dev Expert on resilience building, and the humanitarian development nexus with a specific responsibility for coherence between humanitarian responses and development cooperation (TPII). 30 days/240 hours.

International Governance and Human Rights Expert on good governance, human rights and transitional political processes with a specific responsibility for Governance and Human Rights (TPIV). 30 days/240 hours.

All consultants are to have excellent oral and writing skills in the English languages, as well as experience from Ethiopia. All consultants are to be familiar with Danish policies and strategies for development cooperation and experience in applying DANIDA Aid Management Guidelines in practice. At least one of the consultants should be able to read, write and speak in Danish. One of the above consultants should be selected as the team leader for the consultant team (CTL). An additional 5 days/40 hours is associated with this task. This consultant will ensure coordination of the consultant team’s inputs and support the overall MTR team leader (OTL). The consultancy contract will include a fixed provision for a pool of local consultants catering for e.g. local knowledge on on-budget GoE implemented engagements, local language and forestry.

A chief advisor from MFAD will lead the MTR team as the overall team leader (OTL). Chief and senior advisors from relevant MFAD departments will form part of the MTR team. 

The budget maximum is DKK 1,000,000 net of VAT.

Interested providers of consultancy services can request the documents for participation by email to the contact person stated below. Selected candidates will be invited to submit a proposal/tender. Notification of selected candidates is expected in the week following the deadline.

Deadline for application: 
18 August 2021 @ 1400 hrs DK time

Contact point:  
Programme Officer: Chief Adviser, Henrik Vistisen, Office of Evaluation, Learning and Quality (ELK)
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +4533920469

Criteria for selection:
Three to five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender.