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Restricted Procedure: Bilateral development engagements and MEAL systems relating to the Bilateral Development Programme in Palestine 2021-2025

Deadline: 17 September 2020, at 14:00, Danish time 

The Danish Representative Office in Ramallah (DRO) is preparing its next Bilateral Development Programme for Palestine, 2021-2025. It will consist of a portfolio of approx. nine bilateral engagements in support of Denmark’s Strategic Framework for Palestine. The bilateral engagements and related MEAL systems shall align to the new thinking in the Danish MFA about Doing Development Differently. This include a more adaptive approach and a holistic view linking the bilateral development engagements to Denmark’s broader engagements in Palestine.

The purpose of the consultancy assignment is to assist the DRO with developing and preparing the implementation of the Bilateral Development Programme 2021-2025. The consultancy team, comprising of three consultants, will be tasked with 1) formulating four of the Development Engagement Documents (DED) in support of the draft Strategic Framework’s envisaged strategic objective no. 2 ‘Creation of sustainable, inclusive economic growth and jobs,’ and envisaged strategic objective no. 3 ‘Resilience, peace and security’.

Further, the consultancy team’s MEAL consultant will be tasked with 2) review and provide inputs on the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) system of the full portfolio of the Bilateral Development Programme.

The objectives of the consultancy assignment are:

1. Assistance with the drafting or updating of all required documentation related to four bilateral development engagements, including DEDs and annexes. This should result in one DED and annexes (as required by Danida’s AMG) related to each of the engagements:

2. Assistance with establishing MEAL systems for the Bilateral Development Programme and the full portfolio of related bilateral development engagements (approximately nine), including relevant capacity building of the DRO and partners as needed.

The assignment will be begin by mid October 2020 and conclude end December 2021. The total number of working hours to be delivered is not expected to exceed 775 hours between the three consultants. The maximum budget for the contract is DKK 910,000.00. Within the budget, the consultants should include hourly fees and any reimbursable costs. The budget above does not include unpaid time, e.g. time during which the DRO and/or partners will analyse and provide comments to the consultant.

Deadline for applications: 17 September, at 14.00, Danish time

Interested Consultants can request the documents for participation by email to the contact person stated below.

Contact point:      
Name of Programme Officer: Ms Stine Svejborg, Head of Cooperation
E-mail address, Programme Officer: STINSV@UM.DK
Telephone of Programme Officer: +972 54 820 2855

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender