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Restricted procedure: Review and Capacity Assessment of Civil Society in Development

Deadline for applications: 8 November 2019, at 23:59, Danish time


In keeping with the guidelines for the administration of grant financing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFA) to pooled funds and networks, the MFA wishes to launch a capacity assessment and review (hereafter: “review”) of Civil Society in Development (CISU). CISU is an association of approximately 278 Danish civil society organisations, all of which are engaged in international development work, either as their main engagement or as part of their activities.

On behalf of the MFA, CISU manages the Civil Society Fund (CSF), which supports the cooperation between Danish organisations and partners across a range of developing countries. The aim is to provide an MFA funding option that is flexible and adapted to the modus operandi of popular organisations without compromising the quality of interventions. The CSF allocations range from small-scale interventions of up to DKK 100,000 to programmes of up to DKK 15 million per year. From 2018 and onward, CISU is appropriated DKK 162.5 million annually for the CSF.


The overall objective of this review is to assess CISU’s capacity and performance in delivering results as specified in CISU’s 2018-21 strategy and its agreements with the MFA. Emphasis in the review is on results of development cooperation in the global South and results in popular anchorage and engagement in Denmark.

The review will assess CISU’s capacity and performance within four overall areas: (i) strategy, governance structure and organisational results delivery, (ii) fund management and capacity building for development cooperation, (iii) popular engagement and communications, and (iv) financial management.

The review should stimulate learning and provide evidence for relevant organisational development with a view to strengthening relevance, effectiveness and efficiency within CISU’s work. Accordingly, the review should identify recommendations within each of the four focus areas, which will provide a critical input to the MFA’s ongoing dialogue with CISU.


The Review will be based on i) a desk assessment of relevant background documents, ii) interviews with CISU and other key stakeholders in Århus and Copenhagen, iii) a Denmark field mission (est. 3-4 days) to assess a sample of CSF grants holders located around Denmark, and iv) an overseas field mission to two countries in the global South to assess a sample of CSF project partners (est. 11 days). The Review will draw upon a representative, structural sample of projects financed by various support modalities under the CSF.

An inception report will be prepared following the desk review and initial interviews in Copenhagen and prior to the field missions. The planned field missions will include visits to CISU’s partners and to sampled project locations in each visited country. The aim of the field missions is to assess performance and validate tentative findings from the desk study and Copenhagen interviews through field-level observations of sampled projects and through interviews with CISU grants holders and local partners. Following the field missions, the Review will present its initial findings, followed by a report drafting and consultation period that leads to delivery of the final report.


We are looking for a consultant team of four members with strong capacity to assess a civil society association that is focused simultaneously on fund management for development cooperation in the global South as well as public engagement and capacity building in Denmark. The selected party will be asked to put together a team of four international consultants/experts: (i) an organisational specialist with special focus on civil society organisations, who will also function as team leader for the consultant team and referring to the overall MFA team leader; (ii) a specialist in development cooperation with focus on achieving results and fund management; (iii) a specialist in popular engagement and communications; and (iv) a financial management specialist. A chief technical advisor from the MFA will lead the review team overall, accompanied by an MFA finance specialist.


The Review is expected (tentative dates) to start in December/January and conclude on April 3, 2020, without flexibility on the end date. It will follow the estimated schedule:

- December/January (best timing to be determined): team formation and desk review

- Late January/early February (week 5 and 6): interviews in Århus and Copenhagen and Danish field mission

- February (weeks 7, 8 or 9): field missions to the global South

- March: report drafting and review

- April 3: final report deadline and end of contract


The budget maximum is DKK 1,000,000, and the estimated time frame for the consultants is 100 work days (total days across all four consultants).


Selected candidates will be invited to submit a full proposal. Notification of selected candidates is expected immediately (1-2 days) after the deadline for Expressions of Interest. Shortlisted candidates should be ready to submit a full proposal within 10-12 calendar days (7-9 working days) of notification of shortlisting from the MFA.

Deadline for applications: 8 November 2019, at 23:59, at Danish time

The standard application form should be used. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected. Applications received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Download application form here.

Contact point: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Name of Programme Officer: Andreas Ring
E-mail address, Programme Officer:
Telephone of Programme Officer: +45 4153 2627

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five candidates with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a full proposal.