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Review of International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs - IWGIA

Deadline for application18th January 9.00 Danish time

Description: The proposed review is part of the regular monitoring of the framework agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs, IWGIA. It will constitute an assessment of IWGIA’s efforts to review its organisational structure, strategies and capacity in light of recent changes in the financial situation and management of the organisation. On the basis of such an assessment, recommendations should be formulated with a view to adjust or reinforce the ongoing discussions and processes of possible organisational change. In addition the review will provide the MFA with an informed basis on which to develop a so-called organisational strategy for its forward looking dialogue and partnership with IWGIA and serve to enhance priority setting and results reporting for the cooperation between IWGIA and the MFA. The review will build on the previous reviews and capacity assessments, in particular the 2013 review.

Objectives: The overall objective of the 2016 review is to analyse and assess the general performance of IWGIA under the IWGIA-MFA framework agreement, including the organisation’s follow-up on the recommendations from the 2013-review. The review shall, in particular:
a. Assess the organisational structure and progress in internal capacity development of the organisation as of January 2016 and with a view to future opportunities and challenges;
b. Provide recommendations aimed at adjusting or strengthening the ongoing organisational processes with a particular view on enhanced effectiveness and  strengthened fundraising;
The assessment of IWGIA’s financial management will be undertaken by MFA’s Quality Assurance Department (KVA) and will replace MFA’s periodic monitoring visit as a contribution to this review, and the findings will be included in the final review report.

Expertise required: We are looking for two consultants with particular expertise in organisational development in human rights based organisations and NGOs, and financial management/fundraising strategies. The assessment will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Approximately 400 m/h; team leader for the review will be by MFA’s Technical Advisory Service.
The CVs will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
General qualifications. Documented experience from capacity assessments of similar organisations.
Adequacy for the assignment. Documented experience from working with human rights based civil society organisations with development perspectives.
Together, the profiles of the experts should cover the following: 

  • At least 10 years of experience in organisational development (civil society organisations)
  • Experience from assessment of human rights-based international and national civil society organisations.
  • Experience with organisational management and culture.
  • Experience in assessing advocacy and communication strategies.
  • Experience in assessing fundraising strategies.
    Experience with monitoring and reporting.
  • Experience with MFA systems and requirements in relation with grants to Danish framework organisations is an advantage.
  • Fluency in English and experience in report writing.
  • At least one of the consultants should be able to read Danish, as some key documents are available in Danish only.

Tentative Process Action Plan:
Task Dates
Contract start 15 February 2016
Desk study 15-18 February 2016
Submission of Consultant’s Inception Note to TAS 19 February 2016
Meeting in MFA on inception note including discussion of methodology to be used for interviews and assessment 23 February morning
First meeting with IWGIA’s Secretariat 23rd February afternoon
KVA draft financial management assessment  Between 24 February and 4th March*
Copenhagen based interviews   Between 24 February and 4th March
Board and staff interviews Between 24 February and 4th March
Capacity analysis (Team) Between 24 February and 4th March
KVA fin mgt assessment draft note Before 4th March
Coordination with KVA findings Late March
Consultant’s draft report to TAS 14th March 2016
Debriefing meetings in Copenhagen 17 March 2016
Finalisation, write-up and submission of draft report  18 March 2016
Hearing process – deadline for Comments to draft  31 March 2016
Final report 4 April 2016

Detailed plan will be prepared as part of inception note

Deadline for applications: 18 January, 201 at 9:00 pm, Danish time

The stand application form should be used. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected. Applications received after the time limit shall be rejected.

The applications form can be downloaded here.

Contact point: Elsebeth Tarp

Name of the Programme Officer: Elsebeth Tarp,
Telephone number, Programme Officer: +4533920222
E-mail address, Programme Officer:

Criteria for selection: A minimum of three and a maximum of five applications with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender.