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Restricted Procedure: Midterm Review of the Danish Arab Partnership Programme - Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco

Deadline for applications: 27 January 2020, at 14:00 Danish time

The Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) has been an important element in Danish foreign policy in the MENA-region since 2003. The current five-year phase of the DAPP started in July 2017 and will end by 31 June 2022. Within a budget of DKK 1 billion, it supports different engagements, initiatives and support functions in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and regionally as well as pilot activities in Algeria.
DAPP is centred on six development engagements including Human Rights, Gender Equality, Free Media, Labour Market and Social Dialogue, Youth Participation and Employment and Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance. The organisational arrangements of the development engagements are based on partnerships between Danish and local organisations that makes DAPP a unique modality under Danish development assistance. Furthermore, DAPP’s function as an element in Danish foreign policy in the region is also a special profiling feature of the programme.
In addition, to the six development engagements DAPP includes smaller initiatives and support functions including e.g. a Youth Innovation Grant Facility,  The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI), Technical Advisory Offices (TAO) in Amman, Tunis and Rabat, and a Public Diplomacy and Communication (DAPPCOM) unit.
The review will assess achievements since the start of the programme based on the available documentation. The review methodology will combine assessment of documents, field observations and discussions with Danish and selected local partners. Based on achievements so far, the review will be forward-looking, furnish recommendations for the remaining programme period, and identify strategic and thematic priorities for a next DAPP phase.
The review will require consultants with thorough experience in programming, appraisals and reviews according to the Danida Aid Management Guidelines as well as experience from other Danida project cycle tasks. Experience from the Middle East and North Africa region is a great advantage. Consultants must be fluent in written and spoken English and spoken French as well as having excellent report writing skills. At least two of the consultants must be able to read and communicate in Danish.
The contract budget is estimated at DKK 950.000. The assignment is expected to start by 2 March 2020 and be completed by 10 April 2020 and is expected to comprise approximately 92 person-days for four consultants two of which are half time. The assignment will include visits to the four DAPP countries in the period 2-26 March 2020. The remaining part of the work (prior to and after the country visits) will take place in Denmark and involve mission preparation, report writing, meetings with the DAPP strategic partners etc.

Deadline for applications: 27 January 2020 at 14:00 Danish time.

The standard application form should be used. Applications not using the standard form may be rejected. Applications received after the deadline shall be rejected.

Download application form here.

Contact point: Middle East and North Africa Department, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Name of Programme Officer: Kurt Mørck Jensen
E-mail address, Programme Officer:
Telephone of Programme Officer: +45 3392 0045

Criteria for selection:
A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender.