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Restricted Procedure: Consultant to support the formulation of Denmark's Regional Sahel Peace and Stabilisation Programme phase III, 2022-26

Deadline for applications: 6/7/2021 14:00, Danish time

Background: Denmark is currently implementing a
second phase of Denmark's Peace and Stabilisation Programme for the Sahel
2018-2021 (Sahel PSP II). The programme is part of the Danish government’s
global engagement in the Sahel with a particular focus on Denmark’s three
priority countries in the region, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger (with a
particular emphasis on Liptako-Gourma, the tristate border area). 

The overall objective of the Sahel PSP II is to
address the drivers of fragility and conflict in the Sahel region. Specifically
it aims to “contribute to stability,
justice and security for the population in the Sahel Region” through two
thematic programmes; 1) strengthening justice and rule of law, and 2) improving
stability and security. It is implemented through seven engagements by a number
of implementing partners. The programme is based on a whole-of-government
approach and includes funds from both the Danish MFA (ODA) and MOD (non-ODA).The formulation of a new and third phase (Sahel
PSPIII) has begun. PSPIII is expected to cover a period of four years, from
July 2022 to July 2026. The third phase will build on prior experiences and
align with the priorities of the Danish government in the Sahel. It will also take
an integrated approach and seek to strengthen the linkages between
stabilisation, security and development. The formulation process is divided into two phases; an
identification phase and a formulation phase. The
identification phase will end in late June 2021 with the approval of an
“identification note”, which establishes the main outlines of the new phase. This
assignment will cover the formulation phase and will thus build on and
concretise the work carried out during the identification phase. 


The purpose of this contract is to support the Danish Embassy
in Bamako, in close dialogue with the decentralised programme management unit (SPSU),
the Danish MFA, the MoD, Defence Command and Home Guard, to transform the
Identification Note into a full-fledged programme document, including its
annexes, for a third phase of the Danish Regional Sahel Peace and Stabilisation
Programme for the period of July 2022 – July 2026 (period tbc), as well as
Peace and Stabilisation Engagement Documents (PSEDs) that provide detail on
each individual engagement to be supported under the programme. 

Key deliverables: The assignment is based on a combination of desk analysis,
a formulation (field) mission to the Sahel region in late August 2021 – early
September 2021 (dates TBC) and consultations with MFA, MoD and other stakeholders.
It includes three key deliverables (timing can be subject to
1. A first draft programme document for
presentation to the MFA Danida Programme Committee in Nov 2021; 

A final (‘full’) draft programme document to be
subject to appraisal in Dec 2021 – Jan 2022;
3. A final programme document and final PSEDs to be
presented for approval by the FSF Inter-ministerial Committee in Mar 2022 and
by the Minister for Development Cooperation in April 2022.

Timeframe and

The assignment is expected to be carried out in the period of July 2021 – July
2022, including a formulation mission to the region in late August/early
September (dates TBC), to the extent feasible in light of COVID19. It might also
prove relevant to have an additional mission, as part of the formulation
process, either to the region or to Copenhagen, should the consultants not be
based in Copenhagen. The consultancy can be done by either one person or a team
of two people sharing the allocated hours. The consultant should have extensive experience with
similar consultancies in the field of development, peace and stability and
fragile contexts in Africa. French and English at a professional level is a

The formulation consultant will work together with a
process consultant who has already been contracted separately during the
Identification Phase, and who will assist in coordination and provide quality
assurance support throughout the formulation process. The process consultant
will also take part in the preparation of the mission as well as participate in
the mission itself.Budget : The budget maximum is DKK
700.000 with an estimate of 70 working days. 

Deadline: 7 June at 14:00 DK time.
Interested Consultants can request the documents for participation by email to the contact
person stated below. 
Deadline for applications: 6/7/2021 14:00, Danish time

Interested Consultants can request the documents for participation by email to the contact person stated below.
Contact point:       
Name of Programme Officer: Signe Schelde with Mirja Crone in copy 
E-mail address, Programme Officer: [email protected] ; [email protected] 
Telephone of Programme Officer: +223 75 99 73 51 

Criteria for selection:

A minimum of three and a maximum of five applicants with references best suited for this assignment will be invited to submit a tender