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Grants below DKK 39 million

Grant proposals with a budget between DKK 10 and 39 million approved by the Minister:

Approved 17.12.2019: Support to Private Agricultural Sector Support (PASS) Trust on digitalisation ofits services in Tanzania

Approved 17.12.2019: Support to the Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Africa

Approved 17.12.2019: Support to the African Continental Free Trade Area

Approved 17.12.2019: Support to the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, IWGIA

Approved 17.12.2019: Support to the Global Commission on Adaptation, GCA

Approved 17.12.2019: Support to the Global Programme for the Blue Economy, PROBLUE

Approved 17.12.2019: Support to The International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Global Subsidies Initiative - support for Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform and Clean Energy Transition

Approved 9.12.2019: Joint Sustainable Development Goals Fund

Approved 9.12.2019: Tax and Development: Contribution to the World Bank’s Global Tax Programme

Approved 9.12.2019: Tax and Development: Contribution to IMF’s Revenue Mobilisation Thematic Fund

Approved 7.10.2019: Improving SDGs in Developing Countries through Corporate Benchmarking

Approved 19.9.2019: Support to Global Community Engagement & Resilience Fund, GCERF

Approved 15.9.2019: World Economic Forum: Green Growth and Inclusive Sustainable Development in Developing Countries

Approved 30.4.2019: Strengthening CSE for out-of-school youth to reach the most left behind in West and Central Africa

Approved 11.4.2019: General contribution to the Convention against Torture Initiative (CTI)

Approved 17.12.2018: Support to the Defeat-NCD Partnership

Approved 17.12.2018: Support to OHCHR - Human Rights Protection in Stabilization and Peace Operations

Approved 15.12.2018: Support to Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi-donor Trust Fund in AfDB

Approved 15.12.2018: Support to the Muskoka Fund

Approved 12.12.2018: ILO/IFC Better Work Programme 2018-2022

Approved 12.12.2018: UN Global Compact 2018-2020

Approved 12.12.2018: CICED Support to Education for Tibetans-in-Exile, Phase IV

Approved 29.11.2018: Joint Fund for the 2030 Agenda

Approved 19.11.2018: UNHCR Central Mediterranean Route Situation Appeal

Approved 19.11.2018: IOM: Regional Migrant Response Plan – For the Horn of Africa and Yemen 2018-2020

Approved 12.11.2018: Strategic Sector Cooperation - Improving the Health and Safety of Workers in Bangladesh through the Strengthening of Labour Authorities, phase II

Approved 12.11.2018: Strategic Sector Cooperation - Veterinary and Food Safety within the Colombian pig meat sector, phase II

Approved 12.11.2018: Contribution to the World Bank Global Tax Program (GTP)

Approved 17.8.2018: Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation Programme

Approved 28.6.2018: Support to Transparency International, 2018

Approved 19.6.2018: 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference, IACC

Approved 23.4.2018: Partnership for Cleaner Textile II, PaCT II

Approved 10.4.2018: Contribution to the Convention against Torture Initiative, CTI

Approved 15.12.2017: Support to the Global Financing Facility (GFF)

Approved 13.12.2017: Climate Adaptation and Resilience Engagement, Bangladesh

Approved 8.12.2017: Support to the World Bank State- and Peacebuilding Fund 2017-2020

Approved 29.11.2017: Climate Change Adaptation: Management Mangrove Forests, Myanmar

Approved 17.11.2017: Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF)

Approved 10.10.2017: Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi)

Approved 1.7.2017: Decent Work and Labour Rights in East Africa

Approved 27.6.2017: Support for UNEP's work on IWRM and other water issues

Approved 23.6.2017: Democratisation Programme in Georgia 2017-2021

Approved 11.5.2017: Peace and Stabilisation Response 2017

Approved 30.3.2017: Civil society for enhanced democracy and human rights in Ukraine,

Approved 24.2.2017: Eco-Schools in Africa – Promoting the right to quality education

Approved 19.12.2016: Community action for quality alternative care and protection

Approved 6.12.2016: Support to sustainable energy systems

Approved 27.11.2016: Aid for Trade: Enhanced Integrated Framework

Approved 31.10.2016: Accelerating Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia

Approved 23.9.2016: Inclusive Growth and Employment for Young Entrepreneurs in Georgia

Approved 16.9.2016: IEA support to renewable energy and energy efficiency

Approved 29.6.2016: Danish support to the Global Facility on Mini-Grids

Approved 22.6.2016: DEA Energy Partnership

Approved 30.5.2016: Support to OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission i Ukraine

Approved 25.5.2016: Peace and Stabilisation Response 2016

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As of 1 January 2018, an Under-Secretary can recommend grant proposals with a budget up to DKK 39 million (up DKK 2 million) for approval by the Minister.