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Latin America

Denmark has had long-standing development cooperation in Latin America with
a focus on rural development, environment and access to justice/human rights.

In Latin America, Denmark has supported the efforts of the various countries (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala) to combat inequality and poverty contributing to the achievement of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Denmark has actively worked to improve the living conditions of the poorest section of the population - including women, children and Indigenous Peoples.

Since 2010 Denmark has concentrated Danish development assistance on the world’s poorest countries; leading to the phasing out of the bilateral development cooperation in Latin America. The Danish engagement regarding human rights and environment in Central America closed in the beginning of 2017, and the Country Programme in Bolivia will be closed by end of 2018.


Visit the webpage of the Danish embassy in La Paz here.

Read the annual report from 2015 on Denmarks work in Bolivia here.

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