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Civil society organisations

The overarching objective of Danish support for civil society is to contribute to the development of a strong, independent and diversified civil society in the developing countries. Danish private organisations, among others, assist with this.

A young woman reading Kuensel, the oldest newspaper in Bhutan, at the market in the capital, Thimphu.
Photo: Mikkel Østergaard

The aim of granting support to the organisations’ development activities is to support democracy and poverty reduction through development of an active civil society in the developing countries.

A vibrant civil society in the developing countries ensures that millions of poor people have a voice and that they play a central role in the struggle to further political, social and economic constitutional rights.

Key documents

The strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation and humanitarian action, "The World 2030", provides the general foundation for the work of Danish civil society organisations.

The Policy for Danish support to Civil Society defines the foundation for cooperation with Danish organisations implementing activities in the developing countries.

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