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2008.02 Evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration

This evaluation covers the implementation of the Paris Declaration during the period from March 2005 to late 2007. It assesses changes in behaviour by partners and donors, focussing on ways to implement the Declaration better, without yet passing judgment about effectiveness. It includes a total of 19 evaluations, looking at implementation of the Paris Declaration in eight partner countries and by 11 donors and multilateral development agencies. The synthesis report was prepared by an independent team comprising Dorte Kabell (Denmark), Nansozi Muwanga (Uganda), Francisco Sagasti (Peru) and Bernard Wood, team leader (Canada).

The synthesis report contains numerous recommendations to both donors and partner countries. Donors should elicit public support for development and adapt their legislation and regulations in order to:

  • Decrease efforts to make “their” aid visible and tying aid to their own suppliers;
  • Accept and manage risks in country and other donors’ systems rather than insisting on using their own;
  • Delegate greater decision-making power and provide the requisite staff and new skills to in-country aid representatives
  • Assure more predictable aid flows;
  • Resolve political disputes with partner countries without undermining long-term relationships;
  • Stop (mis)using aid programmes to pursue foreign policy, commercial and/or institutional interests.

For their part, most partner countries need:

  • Stronger political engagement to fully assert their leadership in aid alignment, coordination and harmonisation.
  • To share responsibility for development and aid with different parts and levels of government, legislatures, civil society and the private sector, and citizens at large.



Thematic Studies

The Developmental Effectiveness of Untied Aid Phase 1

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2009 Thematic Study

The developmental effectiveness of untied aid (Synthesis Report): Untying Aid: Is it Working? (Synthesis Report)

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