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2008.05 Evaluation of Development Cooperation between Mozambique and Denmark 1992-2006

This evaluation covers all Danish bilateral development cooperation with Mozambique since 1992. The main purpose was to evaluate achievements against the overall development objective of poverty reduction as formulated in the overall development strategies for development in Mozambique, and development strategies relating to Danish development cooperation in general and with Mozambique.

The evaluation was commissioned by the Evaluation Department (EVAL) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark in close cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) in Mozambique. MPD is responsible for overall monitoring and evaluation of Mozambique´s development policies and strategies.

The evaluation was conducted by an independent team of consultants from UK-based MOKORO Ltd. and ECORYS (Netherlands) and presents a number of lessons learned and strategic recommendations for future directions of the development cooperation between the two countries.


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