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2014 Desk Review of the Use of M&E Frameworks in Sector Programme Support

This Desk Review of the Use of M&E Frameworks in Sector Programme Support was undertaken in order to bring forward the experience from working with M&E frameworks in selected programmes. The four programmes were selected deliberately as examples of Danida supported programmes that had undertaken specific work for improving their M&E framework.

This Desk Review finds, among other things, that the evaluability of the programmes has improved as a result of their effort to improve the M&E framework. The programmes could to a large extent use partner monitoring data on activity and output level, but these data were often supplemented with outcome and impact data established by the programme support unit or collected from national sources. Considerable efforts were devoted to strengthening partner monitoring systems in all programmes.

The M&E frameworks were mostly adapted to providing information for reporting and ensuring accountability, whereas the internal learning aspects were less prominent. Aspects regarding programme assumptions and documentation of unplanned results were generally not included in the M&E Frameworks.


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PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
AuthorBjørn Nygaard, ideas2action

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