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2009/5 Synthesis of Evaluations on Support to Business Development

The role of the business sector as a driving force in economic growth and development in developing countries is acknowledged both by the countries themselves and donors.
Support to the business sector has taken place through a wide range of different instruments and modalities. These include support focusing at sector level, but also a number of more targeted interventions. The support has been provided both by individual donors, joint donor initiatives and by global initiatives.
Due to the number of implemented individual initiatives it has been difficult to get an overview of the lessons learned on what works, what does not, and why. The main purpose of this Evaluation Study is to provide such an overview based on evaluation findings, relevant studies and peer reviewed research articles.

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PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
AuthorKim Forss, Andante - tools for thinking AB & Henrik
Schaumburg-Müller, Centre for Business and Development Studies, Copenhagen Business School

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