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2008.03 Joint Evaluation of the Ghana-Denmark Development Cooperation 1990-2006

The main purpose of this evaluation is to evaluate the achievements of the bilateral development co-operation between Ghana and Denmark against the overall development objectives as formulated in the development strategies of the Government of Ghana, in the Danish aid strategies, and in the country strategies for collaboration between Ghana and Denmark published in 1993, 1998 and 2004. The main emphasis is on lessons learned from 1998 onwards (i.e. from the second Country Strategy and onwards).

The evaluation was commissioned and jointly managed by the Evaluation Department (EVAL) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark and the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) in Ghana which is responsible for overall monitoring and evaluation of Ghana´s development policies and strategies.

The evaluation was carried out by a team of international and Ghanaian consultants organized by the German consultancy company Particip GmbH.


All annexes and thematic papers can be found on the CD-rom included in the hard copy of the evaluation report. By ordering a copy of the report from this website you will receive the CD-rom with annexes and thematic papers enclosed.

Download the appendices and Thematic Papers (PDF files)

Thematic Papers:

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