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2009.03 Evaluation of the Decentralisation of Danish Aid Management

The DAC Peer Review of Denmark (from 2007) invited Denmark to evaluate its decentralised aid management. It was found that such an evaluation could benefit other DAC members engaged in a similar process as well as those considering decentralising, including new donors. The Evaluation Department commissioned the present evaluation with the following two objectives:

  1. To assess, in view of the evolving international aid agenda, in particular the Paris-declaration, and based on five years’ experience with a decentralised Danish aid management, the possible need for adjustments in the current decentralised aid management and to make concrete and realistic recommendations on these adjustments.
  2. To identify and analyse the principal lessons and experiences from the decentralisation process that may have general interest and applicability.

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PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
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