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2008.01 Phase One of The Evaluation of the Implemantation of the Paris Declaration - Case Study Denmark

The evaluation is part of the wider evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration to be presented at the High Level Forum in Accra in September 2008.

The main focus of the Danish study is on the way in which Denmark has tried to implement the commitments of the Paris Declaration in its policies, guidelines and instructions to embassies and representations, as well as on how embassies view the implementation of the Paris Declaration in practice. The Danish case study concludes that Denmark has taken important steps to support implementation of the Paris Declaration, but also that the process of change takes time and requires a lot of commitment. In particular, Denmark needs to increase its use of national systems for implementation of development assistance, increase its willingness to take risks, and ensure predictability in aid flows.


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PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
AuthorBilletoft Aps 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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DK-1448 Copenhagen K
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