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Danish Development Cooperation with Bolivia, Mozambique, Nepal and Vietnam: An analysis across four country evaluations

In 2015, Denmark decided to phase out its programmes of bilateral assistance in Bolivia, Mozambique and Nepal. Evaluations of the Danish support to each country were published in late 2017 and early 2018.

In 2017, the Evaluation Department also published an evaluation of the transition of the Danish-Vietnamese partnership from development cooperation to a comprehensive partnership agreement in 2013.

This study provides an analysis of main issues emanating from the four country evaluations to stimulate discussions as to what works in which contexts and under what circumstances. Moreover, the study provides lessons learned to inform the development of country programming in the future.


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PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
AuthorNeil Webster, Ole Winckler Andersen and Adam Moe Fejerskov, Danish Institute for International Studies and Lars Buur, Roskilde University Centre

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