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Real-Time Evaluation of Danish Support to Sustainable Coastal Fisheries in Myanmar

Danish Support to Sustainable Coastal Fisheries in Myanmar aims at securing sustainable livelihoods of coastal communities, and is a development engagement under the Myanmar country programme for 2016-2020. Real-Time Evaluation (RTE) is an approach to enhance the evaluative work by enabling data collection concurrent with the development intervention and to increase the usability of the evaluation interim findings by making it possible to provide feed-back to operational management during implementation.

The RTE will assess progress towards achievement of outcomes, primarily at community level. Furthermore, the RTE will assess key risks and assumptions related to the achievement of engagement outcomes and objectives, and contribute to a continued assessment of the overall theory of change for the engagement. The purpose of the RTE will therefore be to provide input for learning during the implementation process and document the results of the intervention towards the end of the four years.


The evaluation is undertaken by NIRAS A/S (DK) in a joint venture with Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management, Ltd. (UK).

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