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Real-Time Evaluation of Mali Country Programme 2017-2022

Mali has been a priority country for Danish long-term development assistance since 2006. Denmark’s relation with Mali is guided by a country policy adopted in February 2016, which states three objectives: Peaceful co-existence, stability and security; Democratic and inclusive governance, and; Inclusive and sustainable growth.

The purpose of the RTE is to provide independent evidence regarding the achievement of outcomes and regarding relevant changes in the programme context in relation to key engagement areas. This assessment is primarily intended for the country programme management (the embassy and the national authorities in Mali) and should allow them to revise the theory of change and adapt the interventions accordingly.

It is envisaged that the RTE will particularly relate to the thematic programmes for peaceful coexistence and for decentralisation and focus on the following engagements:


  • The Fund for Reconciliation and Resilience of Civil Society (FAMOC),
  • The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and
  • Decentralisation in Sikasso.

During the last year of the programme (2022), the RTE Team will provide a summative assessment related to the RTE focus areas of the programme.



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