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Strategies and Priorities

In January 2017 the Danish Government presented its strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action, The World 2030.

"The World 2030" was adopted by a broad political majority in the Danish Parliament. For the first time Danish development cooperation and humanitarian action is combined in one strategy.

Strategic objectives

The strategy has four strategic objectives:

1.  Security and development – Peace, security and protection. Denmark will invest in
peace, stability, protection and increased resilience in the developing countries.
This also concerns our own security. In neighbouring areas of crisis and conflict,
Denmark will strengthen its assistance targeting internally displaced people, refugees
and local communities and through strengthened protection and improved
livelihoods, education and employment opportunities contribute to countering
refugee pressures on Europe’s borders.

2. Migration and development . Denmark will contribute to countering irregular
economic migration and to addressing the root causes of migration. We will also
increase cooperation on returns with the countries with which we are cooperating.
Everyone must have the freedom to create a future for himself/herself and his/her
family where their home is.

3. Inclusive, sustainable growth and development . Denmark will invest in inclusive,
sustainable growth and development in the developing countries, focusing on
energy, water, agriculture, food and other areas where Denmark has special knowledge,
resources and interests. This will contribute to creating sustainable societies
with economic freedom, opportunities and jobs – especially for young people. It
will also benefit Danish economy, trade and investments.

4. Freedom and development – democracy, human rights and gender equality. Denmark
will invest in activities that promote human rights, democracy, rule of law and
gender equality. Everyone is entitled to a life in security, without fear and with
inclusive participation and equal opportunities. We place sexual and reproductive
health and rights of women and girls at the centre of our work, and we will work
for a society that does not discriminate – neither based on gender identity nor
sexual orientation – and which observe the internationally agreed rules. This will
also foster sustainable growth and prosperity.

Youth engagement

Another key focus of the strategy is youth. The focus on youth has been kick-started with the report ’Youth Leading the World 2030: A Review of Danida’s Youth-Related Engagements’, which includes 19 recommendations on how to engage and include young people in the implementation of “The World 2030”. The recommendations were presented to the Minister for Development Cooperation, Ulla Tørnæs, at the launch event Youth leading ‘The World 2030’. The review, including the 19 recommendations, can be downloaded below.

The process

The strategy was adopted after a thorough process with focus on dialogue and public participation. A first draft was presented at the annual Folkemøde on Bornholm on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Subsequently the draft was submitted for public consultation, which ended August 5, 2016. The results of the public consultation can be found via the link below. In January 2017 the new strategy "The World 2030" was adopted as a political agreement between eight out of the nine political parties in the Danish Parliament.

The strategy is available in Danish, English and French. All three versions can be found in the links below. 

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