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This page contains the Denmark - Bangladesh Country Policy Paper 2013-2017. In the menu bar to the left you can find detailed information. A pdf. version is available for download at the bottom of this page.


Executive Summery

Bangladesh is in many ways a country in transition. Still struggling to overcome widespread poverty, overpopulation and poor governance, while at the same time emerging as a potential, future, global economy – one of the so called “Next Eleven” countries. The overall objectives governing Denmark's engagement in Bangladesh are to:

  1. contribute to poverty reduction
  2. promote democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance
  3. promote commercial cooperation between Denmark and Bangladesh
  4. strengthen collaboration on global issues.

Poverty reduction and other key development challenges remain
at the core of the Danish engagement. But at the same time, the policy paper represents a clear shift away from a traditional donor-recipient relation to a more balanced relationship with Denmark also pursuing its own interests, e.g. by developing commercial ties with Bangladesh while also promoting a more sustainable and CSR conscious private-sector development in the country.

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