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The country programme includes support for four programmes: (I) multi-donor budget support, (II) private sector development, (III) health, and (IV) Right to Services and Good Governance Programme.

The Multi-Donor Budget Support II (2010-14) aims at supporting the implementation of Ghana’s Medium Term Development Policy Framework with financial resources, policy dialogue and regular monitoring in a harmonized manner to achieve and sustain macroeconomic stability, ensure sustainable economic growth, meeting the MDGs by 2015, and maintain middle-income status. Efforts to improve public financial management contributes to a more accountable, effective and transparent Government at central and local levels. The programme is being implemented together with nine other development partners.

The Support to Private Sector Development II (2010-14) is implemented under the auspices of the Government’s Private Sector Development Strategy. The programme seeks to improve the conditions for businesses and enhance local and foreign investment, as well as support development of sustainable strategies for business growth and job creation. Support is given to improve the public sector’s regulatory and developmental service for the private sector, as well as demand driven support to business advocacy. Further, education and training for the private sector is provided to enhance access to finance and business development services to commercial and rural farmers and actors in agricultural value chains.

The Health Sector Programme Support phase V (2012-2016) supports the Ministry of Health through sector budget support and the Christian Health Organization of Ghana (CHAG) a not-for-profit health service provider with core funding. The financial support is supplemented by a policy dialogue focusing on poor people’s access to health, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights and meeting the MDG 4 and 5 by 2015. In addition the programme aims at enhancing organizational capacity development through employment of long term technical advisors within key sector institutions.

The Right to Services and Good Governance Programme (2014-2018) is a merger of the Local Service Delivery and Governance Programme and the Good Governance and Human Rights Programme II and constitutes an exit strategy for targeted Danida support to decentralization, service delivery, human rights and good governance in Ghana. The programme aims at consolidating the gains made in the two former programmes and ensuring sustainability through gradually phasing out support and handing over full ownership to the Ghanaian authorities.

Besides the sector programmes, activities include: Danida Business Partnership, Danida Business Financing, a lean number of strategic Local Grant Authority projects, and research through Danida’s South-driven research programme and Building Stronger Universities programme.

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