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Macro-economic Stability  
Goal To ensure and sustain macro-economic stability
Strategic Objectives Improved monetary and financial policy management; Effective and efficient fiscal policy management; Economic policy management; International Trade and Regional Integration
Private Sector Competitiveness  
Goal To enhance competitiveness of Ghana’s private sector
Strategic Objectives Promote Private Sector Development; Ensure Good Corporate Governance; Grow and Develop MSMEs; Promote Industrial Development,
Agriculture and Natural Resource Development  
Goal To accelerate agricultural modernisation and natural resource management
Strategic Objectives Manage natural resource and minerals extraction; Manage biodiversity;
  Manage Protected Areas; Manage Land and Restore Degraded Forests; Promote integrated Marine and Coastal management; Ensure sustainable use of Wetlands and Water Resources; Manage Waste, Pollution and Noise; Enhance Community Participation in Natural Resource management; Mitigate impacts of Climate Variability and Change; Mitigate the effects of Natural Disasters, Manage Risks and Vulnerability
Oil and Gas  
Goal To develop the Oil and Gas Industry to Propel National Development
Strategic Objectives Ensure synergy between the Oil and Gas Industry and the rest of the economy; Develop local content in the oil and gas industry; Use the opportunities offered by the sector to create employment; Protect the Environment, particularly against the negative impacts of the industry; Ensure transparency in Revenue Management
Infrastructure and Human Settlements  
Goal To expand existing social and economic production infrastructure to ensure that services provided are reliable, affordable and efficient
Strategic Objectives Develop Ghana as a Transportation Hub in the sub-region; promote rapid development and deployment of Information and Communication Technology in all sectors; Promote the application of Science and Technology in all sector of the economy; Promote Innovation to Support Productivity and Development; Ensure secure and reliable Energy Supply to Support Industries and Households; Develop Social, Community and Recreational Infrastructure;
  Promote Sustainable Spatial /Land Use Planning and Management; Promote comprehensive Urban and Rural Development and Management; Increase access to safe, adequate and affordable Housing/Shelter; Ensure Slum Upgrading and Prevention; Ensure Efficient management of Water, Improve Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene.
Human Development, Productivity and Employment  
(Education; Health; HIV/AIDS/STDs; Nutrition and Food security)  
Goal To develop Human Capital, Employment, Productivity and Labour Relations
Strategic Objectives Develop Education; Health, Youth; Sports; Social Policy and Social Protection
  Support for the Aged; Child Development and Protection; Disability;
  Population Management and Migration for Development; and the Reduction of Poverty and Income Inequalities
Transparent and Accountable Government  
Goal To empower state and non-state organisation and institutions and the general public to participate in the national development process and to collaborate effectively to achieve the national development goals and objectives
Strategic Objectives Deepen the Practice of Democracy and Institutional Reform; Strengthen Local Governance and Decentralization; Enhance the development of Special Development Zones; Promote and Strengthen Public Policy Development and Management; Accelerate Public Sector Reform; Strengthen Development Communication; Promote and enhance Gender Equity and Women Empowerment; Fight Corruption and Economic Crimes; Enhance the Rule of Law and Access to Justice; Ensure Public Safety and Security; Promote National Culture for Development; Strengthen International Relations for Development; promote Evidence-based decision-making

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